9 Tips to Choose Language Localization Partner For Your Business

It marks your success when you expand your business across the globe. You did a good job, and now you are planning to replicate your business in different countries. Now you know the business techniques, and hence you want to fly high. But, there is a catch, and yes you feel anxious about language. It is possible to connect with people only if you know their language.

You cannot master all languages, and thus you look at translation service provider. According to GALA (Globalization and Localization Association) language translation business is the 4th fastest growing industry in the USA. Find below chart representing the revenue growth since 2016 in language localization business.


Choosing the right company will help you focus on your business strategy without language being a barrier. If you want to do so, then focus on partnering with a language localization company and just not a translation agency.

You may wonder how localization differs from translation. Find the difference and first get convinced to choose localization in the place of translation.


Translates word by wordUnderstands the cultural value of the place and translates retain the tone and the style of the source language
Bridges language barrierRefines the message and curate the brand to mere functional, cultural, and language expectations of the target country
Translation is a subset of localizationLocalization is the whole part of translating the content keeping the audience in mind
The short-term solution to interpret a languageA long-term approach to expanding your business identity in another country
Translation will just get your business more visitors, and it is at the surface levelLocalization converts website visitors to customers

From the above table, you must certainly understand that your business needs localization as a whole and just not mere translation.

Best Ways to Choose To The Right Language Localization Partner

Now, that you agreed to choose a localization partner to understand the critical factors to consider for partnering with the right company.

1. Choose The Localization Company That Has Eagle Eye for Details

When it comes to business translation, then you may require support in translating documents, business proposals, website contents, agreements etc. The company you choose to partner with must understand the critical difference between each content to provide a perfect translation. They must just not do the translation but collect details about the target market to present your thoughts in the right manner for the audience in the market.

2. Native Speakers Vs Translation Experts

Don’t jump into conclusion that a native speaker can do justice to your document translation. Only because he/she was born and raised in a country need not necessarily know everything. But a translation expert who is into the business for a long time can help you better. They can understand your business and the need for translation. Remember to choose a person or a company that is aware of the business trends and just not language awareness.

3. Project Managers Role in Translation

Always go for a localization company that has project managers. If you want to know the reason, then here you go. Yes, project managers are trained to deliver work on time. In your business translation quality is indeed critical. But that does not mean you can wait for years to get the translation done. Therefore look a translation company that has great project managers who can assure you quality translation delivered on-time. They will interact with the team and make sure the job gets delivered per deadline. Timelines are critical in your business especially when you communicate with foreign clients to represent your country’s moral value.

4. Check if The Team Has Professional Proof Readers And Editors

Choose a language localization partner who not only does a great job in translation but does a proper quality check. Yes, translation requires two level proofreading. One is the language consistency check, and the other is the technical aspect. Yes, proofreaders must know the source and target language to check grammar and also know the subject matter to make sure the content is in line with the business expectation. The translated message must be error-free, simple, and convey the right meaning.

5. Look at their Localization Skills

Translating your content without flaw is a partial success and understanding of the culture will help you reach your business goal. Localization partner must know the culture of the country you wish to expand the business. There is an expectation from people in each country, and it differs. You must make sure that your translation partner conveys message after understanding this business.

6. Translation Process

Check for their process. Make sure they are a process oriented company. See through their website. Ask them if they work using any portal. Technology has developed massively, and you need to cope with the changes. Your language partner also must go with the flow and hence check if they have all the advanced skills required in the market. For instance, understanding the latest trending machine translation role in localization by your language partner is the key to stand up to the market standards. Any work carried out after proper planning and follows a process will never fail. Therefore check for their professionalism.

7. Timeline

Look at their track record to understand their delivery time. Find out if they handle any volume translation and deliver documents on time. Time-bound projects cannot and make sure you don’t lose business because of this.

8. Local Presence

Keep an eye on their local presence. It is good to work with a localization partner who has a local presence in the respective country. This will let them understand the market and will help you with the best translation. However, every company may not have a big office in every country, but it is better if they have some representative across location to understand business.

9. Cost

Finally, give importance to the cost factor. Do not think that cost and service quality will go hand in hand. If all the above points discussed above are covered and still offer a cost-effective solution, then they are your best language partners. Do some market study to know the standard rates and do not compromise on the quality for an economical service. Make sure you invest in the right place, and that will yield you the best results. Know how pricing is done for translation services.

Final Thoughts,

You must feel glad that you got the above checklist to choose the right language localization partner. Quickly follow these tips and identify the best localization service provider to skyrocket your business.

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