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  • Boost your download rates to commendable marks and reach out to the more potential audience from all across the globe with App Localization Services.

What Do You Mean by App Localization?

App Localization is a strong, powerful remedy for helping you increase your business revenue in no time. You can increase your brand reputation in different countries and make good money out of your business. As we know that most of the activity within the Smartphone are recorded within the applications. So, we need to use this statistic to make our app local to reach more audiences. With the growing mobile users across the globe, Overseas DTP believes that there is still a progressive need for an easy way to reach out to the targeted audience. There is no better way than app localizations.

Why is Localizing the App Essential?

Get Better International Exposure

The mobile apps are strong zones for carrying out good business across the globe. The mobile applications can eradicate all global boundaries to help you reach out to audiences worldwide. But if your mobile application cannot communicate to those people across foreign countries in their native language, then your app is a waste for them. When they do not get what services or products you are offering, they will eventually not try and decode the complex languages. Therefore, it is pretty convenient for you to reach out to us and hire us for your app localization services.

New Market Await Your Services

If you are serving the people of your native country and are willing to expand your business to foreign cities or countries, then you might need to impose a good strategy. App localization services with Overseas DTP is one of the biggest strategic moves you could make for improvising your mobile application to make it suitable for the foreign audience to check, understand, and buy from you. Entering a new market is not always that easy as you need to analyze the market well for what promotional aspects they care about.

Boost Your Revenue Generation

The app localization services offered by us will make sure that your mobile app reaches more users. With every language you add to your application, you boost your overall income as the number of users will increase. When you reach out to consumers with their native language, they usually seem to be interested in your services and products.

The Process of App Localization

Extraction of App content or If the client will provide content

We extract the contents of the application first in case the client doesn’t provide us the content in a word format to ensure that everything that needs to be translated is extracted from its Apps content section.

Project Management or Supervision

We assign project managers to each of our clients to look after the quality control of the app localization services and supervise the entire work procedure to keep track of whether everything is moving on the right path.

Implementation and Validation

For reading and integrating the files, engineering by technical professionals is highly essential, which is why we offer clients with 2 options either he/she can implement and validate at their or we will find the right expertise for the solutions. They will check the formatting of the placeholders before the final version could go in them. 

We will check whether the application is an MSI or EXE, after which we will also check on the installed location of registries. 

Quality Assurance & Testing Process

After all the validation process is done, we run quality assurance checks to meet the clients’ requirements and needs. We check on all the specs as per suggested by the clients.

Linguistic Quality Check

Under this process, our app localization experts check whether the natural phrasing and all other translations done are accurate as per the client’s language requests.

Why Choose Overseas DTP for App Localization?

Efficient Customer Support

  • Our customer support channel is open for 24*7 to cater any requests.
  • Expert executives will attend your questions and queries. And you receive response within minutes.

Verified Translators

  • Our verified linguists are from respective backgrounds to make translation more effective.
  • Our Translators The clients get a project manager to maintain service transparency.


  • We understand the value of time always strive to deliver as per promise.
  • Put up your request, and we will help you get faster delivery. Meeting deadlines is always our top priority.


  • Our competitive pricing in the market set us apart from other translation agencies.
  • We help our clients with post-project assistance as well in case of any discrepancy.

App Localization Services in over 100+ Languages

We have indulged in many different types of upgrades and service optimization to ensure that we offer quality above all. With utmost dedication, we have skilled experts who can handle translations in over 100+ languages. So, put an end to your search and reach out to us today to get a free price quote.

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