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  • Mobile App localization will help in increasing download rate and reach the new audience from around the globe.

What is App Localization?

The whole point of mobile apps is their universality, providing easy access to as many users as possible, wherever they are. A key requirement of going global with your app is making its content and functionality available to users in foreign languages and in different countries. That’s where app localization comes in. Tomedes excels in expediting the translation of your mobile app into multiple languages and adapting it to accommodate regional and national differences in measurements, currency, and cultural nuances. We ensure that your app perfectly speaks the language and satisfies the expectations of your diverse audiences.

Why Localize your App?

Improve International User Experience

The beauty of mobile apps is their ability to get personal with each user, in the palm of their hands. A key aspect of this is the ability to speak their languages fluently so that your app as it functions in their device feels like it is a helpful friend. Perfect translation is a key to reaching that goal.

Getting to New Markets

Entry into any new market requires research and strategy relating to how best to localize your app. Tomedes is an expert in the strategic dimension of app localization, enabling you to plan your new market expansion plans in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Increasing your Income

The more mobile users you can reach, the more revenues you can generate from your app. Each additional language you add to your app translates into additional income because only when an app speaks the language of users does it give them confidence to spend time and money on it.

The App Localization Process

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overseasDTP has spent more than a decade building up a global network of professional translators. We cover a huge range of language pairings, translating over 100 languages. Our expert translators also offer a wide range of specialist knowledge and experience.

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