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Azerbaijani is also known as Azeri, is a member of the Turkic branch of the Altaic language family. It is an official language of Azerbaijan, as well as South Russia and Northern Iran. However, the dialects are different from that spoken in Azerbaijan. Till 2018, according to the survey, it is spoken by 23 million people around the world.

If you are in need of professional Azerbaijani / Azeri Translation services, contact us and we will provide profession Azerbaijani / Azeri translation services by native Azerbaijani linguists. We have a pool of certified Azerbaijani / Azeri translators who provide quality translation services within the given timeframe.

We are a professional translation agency that has launched a mission to help the clients come up with some of the best-translated documents in any of their desired language for better business productivity and outcomes.

Our Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation Service Offerings

Our dedicated language experts are well aware of handling different types of translation jobs in the Azeri / Azerbaijani language. Here are all the services that we offer for the clients who seek Azeri / Azerbaijani translations services:

Azeri / Azerbaijani Document Translations

Audio Transcription to and from Azeri / Azerbaijani

Interpretation to and from Azeri / Azerbaijani

Azeri / Azerbaijani Video Subtitling Services

Azeri / Azerbaijani Desktop Publishing Services

Azeri / Azerbaijani Content and Copywriting

Azeri / Azerbaijani Voiceover Services

Azeri / Azerbaijani Editing and Proofreading

Azeri / Azerbaijani Customer Support solutions

App and Software Localization Services in Azeri / Azerbaijani

Formats We Work With

Adobe Acrobat - PDF

Word format

Microsoft Word

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Azeri / Azerbaijani translation Company for you

If you are looking for a reliable Azeri / Azerbaijani translation agency that can handle your translation, interpretation, and localization assignments then we will be happy to help you.

Being a versatile and experienced Azeri / Azerbaijani translation company, we will be able to flawlessly translate your documents of any type and industry from English to Azeri / Azerbaijani and vice versa. We strive to deliver:

Reliable English to Azeri / Azerbaijani translation services

Certified Azeri / Azerbaijani translation services – on-time and for no extra charges

Azeri / Azerbaijani translation Agency with 24/7 customer support

Professional Interpreting services by Natives Azeri / Azerbaijani Linguists

If you want cost-effective solutions for translating documents, you can count on us for translation services!

Industries We deal in for the Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation

It does not matter whether you are from legal,  automobile, healthcare, finance and other sectors. We are here to help you with all your translation needs by eliminating the barrier of industries. We have worked with many industries so far and are also welcoming all other sectors to come up with their translation project to us. Here are some of the industries with whom we have already worked and delivered:

Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation Services for Legal Documents

We have a network of certified Azerbaijani / Azeri translators that specialized in Azerbaijani legal translation. Our experienced Azerbaijani legal translators have ample experience working with all types of legal documents such as certificates, patent registration, official agreements, trademarks, and copyrights registration, wills and trusts translation, and other law-related documents, property leases, and more.

Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation Services for Medical Documents​

Medical institutes are offering a great number of treatment services to patients from all across the world. Our expert Azerbaijani language linguists are from a medical background and have extensive knowledge of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. We service all types of Azerbaijan medical enterprises with our certified medical translation services which include pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology institutes, medical devices manufacturers, healthcare professionals, etc. 

Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation Services for Banking and Financial Documents​

The finance and banking sector deals with several balance sheets, account books, and other associated details of a huge number of clients which is why it needs utmost precision. To provide the highest quality financial translation services in the Azerbaijani language, our expert  Azerbaijani financial translators have a minimum of 5 years of experience in financial document translation so that they understand the financial terminology.

Specialized Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation for Gaming platorms

The game developers have one main goal and that is their end-product should be usable by diverse gamers across the world. it is more fun when you play game in you native language. Our expert Azeri / Azerbaijani linguist will localized your game in Azeri / Azerbaijani language with our professional Azeri / Azerbaijani Game translation services.

Azeri / Azerbaijani Website and App Translation Services ​

Website and Apps are the next big thing in the business sector. Nowadays everything is digitalized and if you want to increase your customer base you have got your websites and apps translated. With our professional Azeri / Azerbaijani Website and App translation services it is just easy to do that. Our expert App and Website translator will convey your businesses to Azerbaijani Audience. 

Azeri / Azerbaijani Translation Services ​for Automotive industry

The automotive industry is everywhere and understand the need for localization when it comes to communication. Leading Automotive businesses depend on us to deliver their message in Azerbaijani. It includes the translation of the technical manual or writing and editing sales and marketing scripts. Our native Azerbaijani translators are highly qualified to translate technical as well as marketing Azerbaijani / Azeri documents.

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Overseas DTP is all set to help you come up with some of the best quality translations that will help your business thrive in the global market. Despite the business type and translation needs, we are here to assist you in all types of translation services in diverse languages. The final product will go through rigorous proofreading to ensure accuracy. Our project managers will take charge of individual projects and review them well to make sure that it meets your needs and requirements before handing over the work to you.

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Meet Our Professional Azeri / Azerbaijani Translators

We have dedicated team of expert Azeri / Azerbaijani translators who have minimum 5 years of industry specialized experienced. Our clients take pride in our translation quality because we only take industry specific translators. We are bridging the gap between communication and technology for you! We aim to provide the best possible services to our esteemed client. You can hand over your project to us without any second doubt. being native-speakers and having a professional degree specific training courses. They are the best in their field and put their passion for language at your service.


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