Month: October 2016

Machine Translation Won’t Replace Us Yet… But We’ll Have to Change

“Ask not what the computer can do for you. Ask what you with the aid of the computer can do for the betterment of mankind.” This piece of advice, published in a 1977 issue of New Scientist, is still relevant after 39 years because many times we have overestimated the capabilities of machine translators and […]

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3 Myths About Translation and Translators

Everyone has their own story of terrible translation to share — an otherworldly sounding warning sign in Russia to a hilarious menu in China. Human translators can be just as bad as machine translators. Amid such uncertainty, it’s natural to ask if there are ways to prevent your business from becoming a butt of jokes […]

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Freelance Translator

3 Signs You’re Cut Out to be a Freelancing Translator

Have you ever wondered if you should just dive into the world of freelance translation? There are many people who should. After many years of working with hundreds of translators, we have come to the conclusion that there are some professionals who are just cut out to excel as freelancers. Here’s what we mean… A […]

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