Month: January 2017

Korean Localisation Services

Three Challenges of Korean Language Localisation

Last week we wrote about some of the challenges we faced while translating a user guide from English into Swahili, Uzbek, Turkish, and Korean. This week’s theme is related. We will look at three challenges most translators have to overcome to localise websites, apps, and other products for Korean speakers. These difficulties were the subject […]

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Overseas DTP’s First Week of 2017

The new year brought some new challenges. We were approached by a company that wanted the user manuals for its information product translated into Swahili, Uzbek, Turkish, and Korean. Each language presented a different challenge. HOW DO YOU SAY “JUNK MAIL” IN SWAHILI? We had a few pages of source text littered with information technology […]

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Words of the year

How the world saw 2016? – Top 5 words of the year

It happens every December. Teams of lexicographers in several countries sit down to compile a list of the most appropriate words to describe the year. Their selection is then presented to the public who can vote for their favorites. The most popular entry is announced the Word of the Year. The French call it le […]

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High Quality Legal Translation Services

7 Useful Tips for Legal Translators to provide High Quality Legal Translation

Legal translation is arguably the most difficult type of translation. The difficulty arises not merely due to differences in terminology but the different legal systems prevalent in the world. The civil law system is used within most of Europe, Latin America, and the countries of the former Soviet Union. In contrast, the US, the UK, […]

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