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Become a Better Translator

5 Step Plan to Become a Better Translator

Learning a language is a lifelong endeavor. Even those with certification are constantly try to push the boundaries of their knowledge. Although most professional translators are already aware of useful techniques to improve their skills, there are many others who, being new to the profession, can be helped to speed their acquisition of their target […]

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Professional Medical Translation Services

Role of Accuracy in Professional Medical Translation

  We recently expanded. Medical translation was always among our offerings but a new team on the floor working exclusively in pharmaceutical, prescription, research paper, and patent translation transforms Overseas DTP into your ideal partner for getting professional medical translation online. Now we have a large team of certified professionals on board who are domain […]

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Korean Localisation Services

Three Challenges of Korean Language Localisation

Last week we wrote about some of the challenges we faced while translating a user guide from English into Swahili, Uzbek, Turkish, and Korean. This week’s theme is related. We will look at three challenges most translators have to overcome to localise websites, apps, and other products for Korean speakers. These difficulties were the subject […]

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High Quality Legal Translation Services

7 Useful Tips for Legal Translators to provide High Quality Legal Translation

Legal translation is arguably the most difficult type of translation. The difficulty arises not merely due to differences in terminology but the different legal systems prevalent in the world. The civil law system is used within most of Europe, Latin America, and the countries of the former Soviet Union. In contrast, the US, the UK, […]

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3 Myths About Translation and Translators

Everyone has their own story of terrible translation to share — an otherworldly sounding warning sign in Russia to a hilarious menu in China. Human translators can be just as bad as machine translators. Amid such uncertainty, it’s natural to ask if there are ways to prevent your business from becoming a butt of jokes […]

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