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Starting your morning off translating a Korean fashion website or a German user manual sounds  pretty rewarding, right? Especially if you can work from your bedroom, or your favorite coffee house.

Being able to take on the projects you get excited about and the clients you actually want to work with is a dream that 34 percent of US workers are following. A lot of them are working off-hours to earn some extra money on the side of their 9-5 job. Equally many have chosen freelancing because it gives them the flexibility to live their lives as they want.

For someone just starting out in translation, freelancing is a great way to gain experience, build a portfolio, grow in the community, and eventually get in contact with the clients who can provide meaningful work on a regular basis.

But where do you get started? Here, Overseas DTP has curated a list online job portals where you can find plenty of translation. Some of the websites are free and open-to-all, while others require a membership fee before accepting you into their ranks.

Either way, we hope that this collection is going to be more useful for both new and experienced translators than a simple search on Google for “freelance translation jobs.” A random link on in the Google search can be a scam.

Let’s get started.

Here is the list of Best Websites to Find Translation Work Online

Please excuse us if the name is predictable. But the PROZ community is so huge that the website deserves a mention in any collection of websites for online translation jobs. Despite losing some of its charm in the past few years, PROZ remains humongous. Anyone starting out in freelance translation can create a profile for free and land a few jobs. A paid membership is available but its effectiveness has been questioned in recent years.

The Open Mic

This is the online translators’ community’s rising star. It’s a blogging platform with features borrowed from major social networks. The website’s design is modern. Translators can read and publish interesting stories, how-to guides, and plenty of translation-related content on The Open Mic. It will help improve their visibility on the web and attract new clients.

Translators Cafe

As far as appearance and functions go, Translators’ Café is a PROZ sibling. Although the website’s design is a throwback from the 1990s and the free version is limited in capability, Translators’ Café is still worth registering. You can improve your online visibility and even find some random jobs. This website is not as strict as PROZ.

Translators Base

A popular alternative the other websites mentioned. Here you can register and fill your profile. However to apply for jobs you will have to buy a membership plan. The website’s specialization is in CVs, resumes, brochures, books, documents, certificates, letters, and website translation. If that’s something you are interested in, you may want to check out Translators’ Base.

Tradu Guide

While not as popular as some of the other platforms, TRADUguide still manages to attract a decent number of individuals and businesses seeking a quality translation. The competition for jobs doesn’t seem to be high, which is a good news for you if you are just starting out. For a €99/year membership, you can apply for some decent jobs. One job we saw needed a Mandarin-Italian translator for a 640,000-word project.

Translators Town

We may sound repetitive now but that’s how the industry is. Translators’ Town a moderately popular website where you can find some well-paid gigs. Registration is free but you will need a membership plan to apply for jobs.

Translators Directory

It’s a PROZ and Translators’ Café sibling. Almost as old as they are, it even resembles them in appearance. Like them, Translation Directory offers two kinds of registration: free and paid. Free members have limited privileges and can apply for jobs eight hours after paid members.

  • Your Website

Simon Akhrameev of Russian Translator Pro has written a convincing post on why translators should have their personal websites. Simon cites his own experiences and reveals his journey from just another PROZ member to an independent freelance translator with his own website. We think he is right on many counts. If his writing strikes a chord in you, get a designer to build you a website.

We compiled this list in the hope that freelance translators and agencies will find it useful. If you are a new translator or agency, feel free to register on any of the websites and share your experience. We will be glad to hear from you, either in comments or at

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