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What is Legal Translation?

Legal translation is vital for all aspects of the world of law. It is needed to communicate effectively with customers, clients, judges, and other people who work in this field. Unlike some other forms of translation, legal documents need to be translated by a certified legal professional. This ensures that the document reflects not only the precise message that it was intended to convey, but also that the general form and wording of the original document has been retained in a manner which will allow it to be accepted in court or by relevant authorities.

Professional Legal Translation Agency

Overseas DTP is a leading legal translation company with a team of certified  legal translators around the world, translating into over 100 languages. Our certified sworn translators are familiar with terminology, format and structure of legal documents, insuring that clients get official legal documents translated flawlessly.

Our trusted network of sworn translators have an in-depth knowledge of legal terminology and legislation, enabling them to provide accurate and certified legal translations across a broad range of subject areas.

Our proficiency in the field results in our ability to ensure that all translations are 100% accurate and will pass the most stringent certification standards. Moreover, we protect all sensitive information.

Why Legal translation is Important ?

Quality legal translation is essential in a number of industries. These industries require legal documents in their original language to be translated into the language of a new country, and for that translation to be performed by a native speaker well-versed in the legalese specific to that country.

Laws regulate most areas of human activity. They cover everything from the practical to the highly complex. Legal translators must have a profound knowledge of concepts and terminology not just related to law, but also related to the area to which it is being applied.

The legal translation process begins from word-for-word translation, which is the most time-consuming phase. The next step involves correcting and formatting to preserve the original legal meaning. It is important that translators are familiar with the legal terms and terminology of both countries in their native language. Otherwise, inaccurate information might cause misunderstanding. This is why we always hire native speakers with legal educational backgrounds and valid certifications.

Hire Certified Legal Translation Agency

with 10+ years of experience in Translation industry

Professional Legal Translation Services By Certified Professionals

We offer certified legal document translation services in more than 100 languages from and into English to/from other European, African, Asian, and Oceanian languages.

Legal translations are subject to their own set of rules, conventions, and terminologies that must be applied without change or error in order for the material to have legal effect. Our sworn legal translator strictly follow all the rules and conventions.

Our professional legal translator ensure that the legal documents they translate are 100% accurate and certified for the highest levels of confidentiality.

They operate with total discretion and are subject to the highest levels of security.

Our team has the utmost experience in handling diverse, complex case scenarios, and we do guarantee a 100% accurate legal translation services without hampering the structure of the original document.

We Offer best legal translation services In Over 100+ Languages

Overseas DTP has hired a quality team of experts who have knowledge for dealing with over 100+ languages. Our experts are trained to deal with diverse legal translation services along with language pairs. We have designated a team of certified legal translator to handle legal translation for multiple sectors. So, irrespective of your business type, reach out to our professional team of consultants to get an accurate translation for your legal documents.

So, if you were looking for a professional translation company for your legal document translation, then put an end to it as we are here to assist you in getting definite solutions at ease. Reach out to us today to know more about our services and get a free price quote.

certified legal translation services We offer

Legal document translation is often required in many situations. Businesses need it for contracts, court registries require it for lawsuits, international organizations need it for legal documentation, and even people generally require it for court cases.

Any documents requiring translation for use within the legal system need to be carefully handled. Those documents could include the below list doucments: