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Overseas DTP cares about helping its clients get high-end translation services from our native language experts. We offer diverse language translation services for your documents, brochures, audio, video and other associated materials. We offer French Translation Services to our clients who are willing to expand their business or develop a network within France and other French-speaking regions. Overseas DTP is offering impeccable translation services for a long time. We have over 10,000+ happy clients, and we intend to grow our family with more clients from diverse sectors with our professional French translation services. 

Our French Translation Service Offerings

Overseas DTP is here to help you out with French translation services to help your business get the exposure from the local French-speaking audience. France is an official language in over 29 countries for which it has a high value in terms of businesses and amongst diverse industries. Here are some of the French translation services that we offer:

French Document Translations

Audio Transcription to and from French

Interpretation to and from French

French Video Subtitling Services

French Desktop Publishing Services

French Content and Copywriting

French Voiceovers

French Editing and Proofreading

French Customer Support solutions

App and Software Localization Services in French

Industries We deal in for the French Translation

Overseas DTP is one of the best firms that can help you with your diverse French translation needs. We understand that French is a complex language, and the terminologies are tough to meet. But do not worry as we have native French speakers and writers on board to handle this task easily. Our French language experts have successfully made their presence with quality service delivery to diverse industries. The industries we serve are:

Automotive sector

We have automobile engineers on board who are also French language experts to help attend your diverse Automotive translation needs. We understand the complex mechanical terminologies that are used in the automotive documents, promotional brochures and other associated materials. Do not worry as we have proficient experts to handle it all. So, whether you are starting a business or planning on expanding your business in French-speaking countries, you need to adapt marketing measures that are conveyed in the local language. Overseas DTP can help you with professional French Translation services to help your business get more exposure.

Banking and finance

The finance and banking industry usually generate reports that involve statistical data and account related details which are very confidential and needs accurate translations. Overseas DTP has French linguists who are from the banking background to help make sure no terminology and facts are altered. Our French translation services are meant for helping you get your financial documents ready for passing on to your French clients and account holders across the globe.

Healthcare Sector

Healthcare sector is booming, and we are here to assist the industry get better communication medium with their global patients. Some patients who do not understand the usual language spoken in the region they live in would find it difficult to understand the treatment remedies and medicine information given to them by doctors. Hence, this is where we kick in and help the medical sector get the documents translated in required languages for easy understanding of the patients. Our French translation services are meant for giving health sectors French translated documents without missing out on any important medical terms.

Gaming Sector

We assist the game developers as well to help translate their game data into French or any other global language they need. Games will be played and loved more if it is available in local languages of different regions. Therefore, Overseas DTP is here to help the game developers make their end-product reach out to a larger audience.

Technology and Science Sector

Overseas DTP is offering its extensive French translation services to all IT and Technology oriented businesses to help them seek document translation, marketing translations, and others. We have dedicated experts to handle all technology-oriented translations without the chance of errors.

Defense and Security Sector

The defence and security sector usually have confidential documents to exchange amongst different countries and regions. We are offering ideal French Translation services to help them get their documents ready in no time. Our French experts are aware of the language strictness requirement for the defence and security sector. Therefore, they strictly adhere to it.

Government Agencies or Organizations

We are extending our French translation services to government organizations as well. We have many happy clients from government agencies so far. We maintain the confidentiality of the documents and data that is provided to us on priority. Overseas DTP stands up to the commitments of quality translations.

We Are Up for All Types of Challenges

Our French translation services are quite cheap and efficient for diverse sectors. If you did not find your industry listed above, do not worry as those are just a few of the many industries that we serve. Just get in touch with our consultant team to know more.

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