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Insurance Translation refers to the translation of various insurance documents such as policy documents, brochures, claims, etc. for insurance companies.

Insurance documents comprise of imperative legal implications, both for the company and the clients. The translation of insurance documents, hence, is a very complex task which requires highly skilled professional translators and absolutely high quality.


With a workforce of over 1000+ highly qualified professional translators, at Overseas DTP, clients are provided with an efficient and accurate translation of their insurance documents. Our Insurance Translators work from over 100 different countries across the globe to deliver reliable insurance document translation, covering a wide range of languages. With an across the clock support, the clients receive completely reliable translation of their insurance documents at Overseas DTP.


  • File Verification

Upon receiving the documents from the clients, the file is verified on our end.

  • Assistance From The Project Manager

After file verification, a project manager assists the clients at every step of the process.

  • Translation Of The Document

The team of professional insurance translators translate the text into the targeted language with precision in reference to the insurance and legal terminology.

  • Proof Reading

Upon translation, the document is proof-read by professional linguists and proof readers to scan for any errors and is corrected.

  • Project Delivery

After multiple rounds of inspections and revisions, the document is delivered on time to the clients.


Overseas DTP offer translations for a wide range of financial documents depending upon the requirements of the clients. Our dedicated team of professionals provides translation for multinational companies, banks, and other facilities in the finance sector.

  • Insurance Marketing Documents

We offer translations of the insurance marketing documents for all organizations in the insurance sector.

  • Insurance Policy

Translation of insurance policy documents require high accuracy. Overseas DTP assures the required precision to our clients while translating the insurance policy documents.

  • Claim Documents

We offer translation of the insurance claim documents without any inconsistency in the insurance and legal terminology and statements.

  • Pension Plans

Pension plans for all establishments offering pensions to their employees are unerringly translated at Overseas DTP.

  • Reinsurance Treaties

Translations of documents involving treaty are translated by speccialized translator to insure quality.


Our targeted clients include all organizations with financial ventures. Clients receive the highest level of security and confidentiality from our Financial Translation Services.

  • Insurance Corporations

We offer translation for all the insurance documents and undertakings of insurance corporations.

  • International and Domestic Banks

Banks offering insurance policies to their clients require insurance translation for their policies and regulations. We at Overseas DTP, offer expert translations of such insurance documents.

  • Associate Counsels Of Insurance Companies

Insurance translation requirements of associate counsels of insurance companies involve translations of documents such as insurance regulation documents. We offers translation of these documents at an effective cost and accuracy.


  • 100+ Languages

Clients are provided with over 100 languages to translate from and into. Our qualified insurance translators assure accurate translation into the targeted language.

  • Certified Translators

We offer over 1000 certified professional translators who are skilled in the application of correct syntax and word selection for the insurance and legal terminology without any inconsistency.

  • Secured Translation Process System 

We understand the significance of discretion and never compromise with it. Clients are offered a highly secure and confidential system of insurance translation at Overseas DTP.

  • Cost Effective Translation

Overseas DTP helps insurance organizations with a highly cost effective and consistent insurance document translation.

  • Timely Delivery

Our advanced workflow management system ensures reconcilable and timely delivery for any deadline.


The laws of supply and demand influence translation price just as they do almost all goods and services. Cost of insurance translation can differ based on some aspects of translation services.

  • Language Combination

Common pair of languages have comparatively low cost since there is an abundance of professional translators for these languages. Whereas for less customary languages, cost will be more since not many translators specialize in these languages.

  • Content of the Document

Translation price also depends on the content of the insurance document. Documents that consist of complex terminology are a challenge to translate and the translators usually demand higher rates.

  • Turnaround

If the document is required to be translated instantaneously, it can affect the cost of the translation.

Our insurance document translation services ensure that our clients receive high quality translation with our active client support and highly qualified team of professional translators.

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