Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services

Worried about how you’re going to convey your ideas to your delegates because both parties don’t share a common language? We, at Overseas DTP, have the solution for your problems. With our Interpretationer services, you can now conduct your business meetings and conferences at ease, as there’ll be an interpreter by your side, who’ll convey your ideas to your potential clients.

Difference Between An Interpreter And A Translator

The process of translation is usually not immediate. The translator can access resources for consultation and has more time to consider and deliver the output.
For an interpreter, the conversion is usually oral and mostly in real-time. There are 2 types of interpreters:

  1. Consecutive: In this scenario, the interpreter interprets in the native language after the source has finished speaking.
  2. Simultaneous: As the name suggests, in this case, the interpreter interprets with the source speaker simultaneously.

How Does It Work?

Once you opt for an Interpreter with Overseas DTP, this is how we take it forward

  • First, based on your requirement, we decide which mode is best-suited for your needs. Overseas DTP offers on-site, telephonic and video interpreter services.
  • Next, you can choose either a simultaneous interpreter or a consecutive interpreter, whichever option is suitable for you.
  • Finally, we assign an interpreter trained in the native language of your requirement .

Why Overseas DTP?

  • Proficient interpreters to effectively communicate and deliver your ideas to clients
  • Our interpreters are well-trained in a variety of languages.
  • Cost-effective service providers
  • Three different modes through which the interpreters can assist you.

Industries We Provide Interpretation Services For

  • Travel and tourism
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Advertising
  • Financial

Key Features

  • Option of choosing from on-site, telephonic and video interpreters
  • Team of well-qualified interpreters who’ll assist you during meetings and conferences
  • State of the art technology so that you’re always in touch with your interpreter
  • Effective way of communicating your ideas to potential business clients

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