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Overseas DTP is a popular firm that has advanced with its impeccable Kannada translations services. Our team of experts offering Kannada translations are native speakers who ensure quality above all. Moreover, our team understands the importance of seeking Kannada translations services as India is home to business opportunities. You cannot miss out on it if you are running a business.

Therefore, targeting the different states and promoting accordingly would eventually help your business thrive. Not just business promotions but client interaction through documents and other such materials also needs to be translated onto Kannada for the native people of Karnataka. Overseas DTP is here to assist you with that!

Our Kannada Translation Service Offerings

Our dedicated language experts are well aware of handling different types of translation jobs in the Kannada language. Here are all the services that we offer for the clients who seek Kannada translations services:

Kannada Document Translations

Audio Transcription to and from Kannada

Interpretation to and from Kannada

Kannada Video Subtitling Services

Kannada Desktop Publishing Services

Kannada Content and Copywriting

Kannada Voiceover Services

Kannada Editing and Proofreading

Kannada Customer Support solutions

App and Software Localization Services in Kannada

Industries We deal in for the Kannada Translation

It does not matter whether you are from automobile, healthcare, finance or other sectors. We are here to help you with all your translation needs by eliminating the barrier of industries. We have worked with many industries so far and are also welcoming all other sectors to come up with their translation project to us. Here are some of the industries with whom we have already worked and delivered:

Automotive Sector

The automotive sectors are adapting our Kannada translations services to help meet their sales goals by reaching out to Kannada-speaking audience in India. India has a lot of opportunities for the automotive industry, and Overseas DTP is helping the companies avail that benefit with quality Kannada translations services. 

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is also growing at impeccable heights. The clinics and hospitals demand our Kannada translations services to help make the prescriptions and reports understandable by the select audience. We have the right experts from respective background to help this sector with the best accurate translations without hampering any medical terminology. 

Banking and Finance Sector

Banking & Finance Sector is always dealing with very statistical documents. Translating those documents into the Kannada language is not easy, but our linguists do make it possible without altering any statistics or missing out on any data. Our experts make sure that every line of the translated financial document means the same as that of the original document. 

Gaming Sector

The game developers who usually launch their games in India take up our Kannada translations services to make the game understandable and interesting for the respective audience. Finding the game instructions in the native language will eventually make the people hold onto it. Hence, Overseas DTP helps gaming sector get fruitful outcomes with efficient translation services.

Technology & Science Sector

The tech firms are also adapting the Kannada translations services of Overseas DTP to make sure that their client communications are seamless. The technology and science sectors are also preferring to use native language for interacting with the clients that help the brand make an impression in the market. We are here to help you with ideal translation services to give you accurate output for your documents, videos, audios and others. 

Government Agencies or Organization

The government agencies or organizations across India and World prefer communicating with one another through confidential documents. Overseas DTP has served many government organizations to help them with Kannada translations services. In this way, they translate the documents in the native language as per the state where the document is to be sent. We maintain the accuracy and confidentiality while handling such projects. 

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We make sure that all our translation services are best in quality and there is no such compromise. We do not miss out on important points while translating to keep the meaning and motive of the document or content intact.

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