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About German Langauge

German is a West Germanic language and one of the world’s major languages. It’s the most widely spoken non-Romance language in Europe, with approximately 100 million native speakers and some 10 billion people able to speak it as a secondary language.

The great difference of dialects is common to the German language. Bavarian, an Austro-Bavarian dialect, is only understood by those in the region itself. They differ vastly from other German languages and are completely different to those used in Austria and Switzerland.

Professional German Translation Services

Overseas DTP is a fast-growing translation company in India that offers both English to German translation and German to English translation services. We are proud to provide a personalized experience for all our customers—from those just starting, to large enterprises.

Our thousands of professional German translators located worldwide are ready to deliver high-quality translations. Scale and performance are what enable us to deliver quality German translations at competitive rates.

We work with professional German translators, who translate text from English to German and vice versa. All of our translators are thoroughly tested for quality and skill and are evaluated after each translation.

Reach the world’s 100 million German speakers in just hours with Gengo. We provide fast, affordable and reliable German translation, no matter the volume.

English to German and
German to English Translation Services

While English and German both have foundation in common, the languages are sufficiently different that translation from one language to the other is a complex task. Rules of grammar and word order are more rigid in German than they are for the English language. Many nouns in German are gendered, as they must be formed in accordance with gender pronouns.

Only translators fluent in both languages are able to retain the power of the content. The unique style and voice of your business should be retained in translation, thus ensuring effectiveness and a positive user experience.

Providing professional German to English translation is necessary on the west coast and mid-west of North America where German immigrants still exist.

We offer our German to English translation services in a wide range of fields, from contracts and patents to marketing collateral and social media messaging.


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Why German Translation and localization services is essential for your business?

German translation services are crucial for globally operating companies that need to market their products in Germany and other German speaking countries.

Translate your website into German and reach over 100 million speakers all over the world—customers who otherwise are unreachable on your platform.

Our German translation services give businesses the language tools to break through borders and become available in more countries. Businesses are able to reach new clients, increase revenue, and expand their international presence.

Our professional German translation services from a native German speaker will ensure that your German-speaking customers are not distracted by or put off by mistakes in translation.

Our experienced translators are native speakers of the language you require and specialize in a wide range of industries. They can work with original texts to ensure your translated material is equally good and accurate.

We Offer Language Translation Services In Over 100+ Languages

Overseas DTP has hired a quality team of experts who have knowledge for dealing with over 100+ languages. We have designated a team of professional translators to handle  translation for multiple sectors. So, irrespective of your business type, reach out to our professional team of consultants to get an accurate translation for your documents.

So, if you were looking for a professional translation company for your document translation, then put an end to it as we are here to assist you in getting definite solutions at ease. Reach out to us today to know more about our services and get a free price quote.

German language Services we Offer:

We translate different types of documents from various industries into and from German. Apart from this we also offer different languages services into and from German which are listed below: