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Boost your app downloads by Mobile app localization.

What is Mobile App Localization?

App localization is the process of adapting an application for various languages and markets, so that it is more local to the users.

In an increasingly globalized world, we live in a time where people are more connected than ever. This has resulted in a very competitive marketplace and one can no longer afford to overlook a foreign market. App localization comes to the rescue with the ability to reach the largest possible audience regardless of geographical borders.

The goal of the mobile app localization process is to localize an app without changing its functionality by adapting it to the target market with regard to language and cultural differences.

Professional Mobile App Localization Agency

Overseas DTP is an experienced mobile app localization company with the resources to tackle large-scale projects. We’re able to quickly and efficiently generate localized versions of your app and are flexible enough to accommodate changes or modifications needed for regional and national differences in measurements, currency, and cultural nuances.

We activate your app with a localization of proven quality thanks to our translators and experts in localization, who are ready to guide you on any changes you may want to make in the future.

Overseas DTP’ staff of over 1000+ experienced translators and localization experts work hard to ensure that your translated app will seamlessly integrate into your company’s growth overseas.

Why Mobile App localization is Important?

Everywhere we look, parts of the world are illuminated. We can now see and hear more about other countries’ cultures, economies, and politics. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have shown us a light on previously dark corners of the world, highlighting consumer preferences, activity, and behavior.

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and the release of new technologies, mobile app development is booming. In fact, according to an infographic from Appinformant, there are over 2 million apps available in the App Store alone.

Localizing your app for both Android and iOS will give you an edge when it comes to reaching out to global markets. Here’s some of the benefits:

  • Exposure to Global Market – By localizing your app into different languages, you increase your visibility and expand your reach to a potential audience of billions.
  • Boost in Sales and Leads – Research firm MarketsandMarkets forecasts that global mobile user growth will increase from 4 billion in 2014 to 6.09 billion by 2020, which means a lot of hungry users out there just waiting to meet your killer app.
  • Constant Rise in ROI – A recent study by Distomo revealed that companies who localized their apps for iOS experienced 128% more downloads. The increased exposure makes the iOS platform the best way to reach a global user base.

Hire professional Mobile App Localization Company

with 10+ years of experience in Localization industry

Professional App Localization Services By Experts

The app marketing landscape is consistently dynamic. With this in mind, we put together the ultimate guide for mobile app marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns.

A customized mobile app is one that has been localized to suit the requirements of the global market. A quality-oriented localization process delivers maximum benefits to the end-users by enhancing their overall experience and reaching a wider audience.

Overseas DTP takes care of the technical translation for your app, so that you can concentrate on marketing it to potential clients. We have an extensive portfolio and plenty of experience in the app translation market, which makes us a reliable partner.

Drawing from our extensive experience in this field, we can provide you with a professional Mobile app localization for service for both iOS and Android platforms at competitive rates.

Key Benefits of Mobile App Localization

  • Consistent increase in App downloads and sales.
  • Visibility to potential customers around the globe.
  • Better Return on Investment.
  • Sourcing localised app clientele is the secret to attaining higher rankings in Google Play and the App Store.
  • It will help you create amazing user experiences.
  • It will help you increase the potential of your app and improve your online presence.
  • It will increase your conversion rate.
  • Strategically localize your app in order to influence the search algorithms of the stores where it gets uploaded.
  • Get ranked in the top ten in both Apple and Android app stores, without having to pay thousands of dollars in app store optimization.

Translate your Mobile Application into any language

If you are looking for a translation service, we can help. Through our network of professional translators, we have over 1,000 language combinations that can work with anyone, regardless of where they are located in the world.

Our Mobile Application Localization Process​


Full Human Support

Our team will conduct an assessment of your mobile app, which will demonstrate the extent of localization needed for successful market entry.


Content Translation, Proofreading and Localizaiton

We get started with translation and it will be fully localized through our standardized translation process according to target market.


Localized content implementation

The content translated and localized in the target language will be implemented in the application by your developers.


Testing by Reviewers

Our team will conduct an review of the new version of the mobile app, and in case of any error spotted then it will rectify during this process.


Delivered to the client for Feedback

After our review and rectification, It will be shared with the client for testing and reviewing by their developers in case of any issue or alteration.


Client Feedback Implementation

In this final stage, we will implement the feedback and changes received by the client and afterward deliver the final product.