How Mobile App Localization can Boost your Application Download Rate 4x times?

You may be an expert to design any number of the mobile app within no time.

But do you know only localization will help you increase your download rate?

Do you wonder how localization and your app are connected?

You can design the best app with all features in the gaming world, e-commerce business or in any arena but language plays a vital role.

Yes, people download the app if they can use that in their language.

Find below a statistics given by App Annie about the revenue between iOS App Store and Google Play from different countries. This apparently means that English alone cannot survive in the app word.

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(Image Source: App Annie)

The Mobile Economy 2018 Reports submitted by GSMA, states that 2/3 rd of the population across the globe subscribe to mobile services.

Mobile App Localization Can Increase Download Rate In The Following Ways

1. Win Over Competition

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Every app you launch in the market will have a competition. You must stand ahead of your competitor to take your app on the top. This can be quickly done with the help of designing your app support in multiple languages.

The case study illustrates how mobile app localization helped Defender’s Quest to win sales.

2. Reach Over Diverse Customer Will Improve Dramatically

When your mobile app is developed to reach customers across the globe, then you will get more people looking forward to downloading your app. One customer who finds it readable in his language will spread the word to his community, and that will soar the download rate.

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Especially with the latest advancement in social media sharing, you can quickly take your app to the top by just releasing it in multiple languages. People can spread the word without many efforts.

3. Brand Establishment

Apart from winning competitors and reaching to more customers, you can also establish your brand. Once people find your app compatible and in their language, then for every new app they will start looking for your brand.

That is how applications like Twitter, Facebook, Pokémon Go, Weather Channel etc. has achieved branding for their apps.

4. App Stores Will Feature Your App

iOS App Store and the Google Play store has 155 app stores across the globe. This means that their local stores are looking for apps in the native language to encourage mobile users to download them.

app localization

(Image Source: Freepik)

You can even find several success stories of apps download rate using this strategy. Blue Tea Games launched their game in different local languages and made their app feature in the app store as the “Best New Game.” This game got the best name not in few countries but more than 100 hundred countries.

If you want to achieve success in your apps download rate, then go forward in localization. Simplest, yet effective way to make a profit in your business.

Wrapping up thought

It is not challenging to localize your mobile app and to look at the advantages it offers you must make an effort to localize your mobile app.

Quickly talk to a localization partner to understand the languages that are in demand to start your app localization process.

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