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Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services or DTP Services include the  process of turning your source document into another language while maintaining  the original design and formatting. Our talented designers take your text, images, charts and other graphics and create contemporary brochures, leaflets, adverts, product manuals and more in the target language. We will keep the essence of current design and will replicate it in whichever languages you need, ensuring that the designs are adapted to suit the length of the copy and the messages you want to convey.

From designing and creating in the print industry to online platforms, publishing industry for books, newspapers and magazines to advertising firms, it would be difficult to find an industry where desktop publishing is not used.

Translation of important documents like Annual reports, User Manuals etc often require Multilingual Typesetting or Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services. The process involves DTP  software in order to create e-copies of translated documents in exact same design. It is common requirement of every organization today.

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Reliable Partner

Using the same partner to translate and format your translated materials exclude the hassle of managing multiple vendors. Our dedicated project manager will take care of your project from start to end and will keep you posted with latest updates.

DTP Experts

We have our In-house team of Multilingual DTP Experts who have extensive experience of working with clients around the globe and managing both right to left and left to right align languages. Their professional talents will help us to deliver all design requirements in any language.

Quality Guaranteed

Our team only include the best multilingual desktop publishing experts with minimum 5 years of industry experience. We prioritise quality at every stage which is the reason we always available for revisions and alterations if needed.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services
Or Multilingual Typesetting Services

Text extraction from non-editable file types

File preparation
before translations

Website Design localization

Typesetting, design and production

FQA (Formatting Quality Assurance)

Preparation of print ready files

OCR file Recognition

Formats We Work With

Our Multilingual desktop publishing experts work across a wide range of software in order to deliver the outcomes and quality your company needs.

Adobe Acrobat - PDF

Adobe Flash

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

We Provide Multilingual Desktop publishing Services in more than 100+ Languages

From the last decade, we worked hard to build a global network of professional Multilingual Typesetting Experts. We cover a vivid range of language industries from general to rare and typeset documents in over 100+ languages. Our expert Multilingual DTP Professionals also offer a wide range of knowledge and experience in multiple softwares and tools.

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