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Overseas DTP is a Professional Translation Agency that provides advanced with its impeccable Punjabi translations services. Our team understands the importance of seeking Punjabi translations services as India is home to business opportunities. 

Punjabi is yet another popular language of India that is spoken specifically in the state of Punjab, India. But there are Punjabi natives all across India therefore, the language has a specific importance. India is a big business opportunity, and if you can target the specific states with their native languages, you would eventually make your business thrive with larger audience attraction.

Overseas DTP is a popular firm that has a dedicated team of experts for handling the Punjabi translation services as per the requirements of clients. We have dedicated Punjabi native translators and speakers to replicate the client’s needs.

Our Punjabi Translation Service Offerings

Overseas DTP has dedicated experts for handling the Punjabi translation services. We handle clients from all across the globe, and we translate almost everything you can think of. We have the right tools and expertise to make a productive approach. Here are some of the services that we offer under our Punjabi translation services:

Punjabi Document Translations

Audio Transcription to and from Punjabi

Interpretation to and from Punjabi

Punjabi Video Subtitling Services

Punjabi Desktop Publishing Services

Punjabi Content and Copywriting

Punjabi Voiceover Services

Punjabi Editing and Proofreading

Punjabi Customer Support solutions

App and Software Localization Services in Punjabi

Industries We deal in for the Punjabi Translation

Overseas DTP has a large team of dedicated experts who carry forward the Punjabi translation services as they are native Punjabis of India and are also skilled in understanding, speaking and writing different languages from across the globe. Hence, we are destined to help diverse sectors from all across the globe for their Punjabi translation needs. Some of the industries we serve are:

Automotive Sector

If you are an automotive business owner and want to spread a word about your new franchise in Punjab, India, it is always good to reach out to them in their native or local language to attract more attention. Overseas DTP is here to help all the automotive business owners get ideal Punjabi translations for all their promotional materials for healthy interaction with the audience. 

Healthcare Sector

We offer ideal Punjabi translation services to our clients in healthcare sectors as well. Most of the time, they need it to communicate well with Punjabi patients who have settled abroad. Overseas DTP is here to provide the most affordable yet quality translation services to the healthcare sector.

Banking and Finance Sector

The banking and finance sectors also deal with much confidential accounting and statistical data which needs to be translated accurately along with the information provided for handing over to Punjabi clients across India. Overseas DTP is assisting the banks and finance sectors across the globe to build a healthy rapport with the Punjabis by translating the important documents in their native language.

Gaming Sector

The gaming sector is also booming in the present era with enhanced popularity. If you are an Indian game developer, then targeting the specific states would help your game gain more popularity. Therefore, Overseas DTP is offering Punjabi translation services for games to help engage the Punjabi audience more.

Technology & Science Sector

The technology and the science sector is also demanding the efficient Punjabi translation services to get their corporate and promotional material translated for connecting with the native audience. Overseas DTP offers affordable and accurate translation done by the team of designated experts. 

Government Agencies or Organization

Government agencies or organizations are also getting themselves indulged in communicating with other states through documents. Therefore, agencies are preferring to book for Punjabi translation services with us to ensure that the agencies in Punjab can understand the transferred documents. Overseas DTP has dedicated experts from respective backgrounds for handling this job.

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If your industry is not listed in the above options, do not worry as these are just some of the industries, we offer our services to. We can help you with your translation needs without any second thoughts. Please discuss with us about your project today to let us know about your needs and expectations from us. We can then process the request accordingly to help you get quality service output.

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