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Telugu ranks fourth among the languages with the highest number of native speakers in India. Our team understands the importance of seeking Telugu translations services as India is home to business opportunities.

Overseas DTP is equipped with experienced language experts for handling the translation of documents to and from different South Indian languages. Out of all the South Indian language translation services, Telugu gained the highest importance as the Indians speaking Telugu are scattered all across India and the globe as well. Therefore, we are also offering ideal Telugu translation services by categorizing it.

We have dedicated experts who are native Telugu speakers and writers for handling your diverse translation needs. Whether you want voice-overs, document translations, video subtitles or others, Overseas DTP is always equipped with the right tools and expertise for offering best Telugu translation services.

Our Telugu Translation Service Offerings

Overseas DTP has many top-level Telugu language experts who are proficient in handling different types of translation projects. Our experts are from diverse backgrounds to handle all types of service complexities without much hassle.

Here are some of the services that Overseas DTP offers in terms of Telugu translation services:

Telugu Document Translations

Audio Transcription to and from Telugu

Interpretation to and from Telugu

Telugu Video Subtitling Services

Telugu Desktop Publishing Services

Telugu Content and Copywriting

Telugu Voiceover Services

Telugu Editing and Proofreading

Telugu Customer Support Solutions

App and Software Localization Services in Telugu

Industries We deal in for the Telugu Translation

Despite the industry you work in, Overseas DTP can help you get the ideal translation outcomes for all types of works. We have Telugu linguists from different backgrounds across the globe to help clients with ideal translation services. Here are some of the industries that we have served so far with our utmost expertise:

Automotive Sector

Automotive sectors are in need of our Telugu translation services to help meet the diverse needs and requirements for their business to promote their services and products to Telugu understanding the audience. All the automotive businesses that are expanding across India needs diverse language translations for their physical advertising materials for better exposure. 

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector is also growing and booming all across the globe. But in the process, they are also seeking Telugu translation services from Overseas DTP. It is so because they are destined to help the patients with information in their native Telugu language. Therefore, Overseas DTP in partner with the healthcare sector makes this job easy and possible. 

Banking and Finance Sector

If you are running a financial institution or a ban, you might need to deal with clients from different states of India. Overseas DTP is destined to help this industry thrive with affordable Telugu translation services to help them make their documents readable and understandable by the Telugu-speaking audience.

Gaming Sector

The gaming sector is also evolving the Telugu translation services by Overseas DTP to make the game understandable by different people from Telugu speaking states or cities across India. Eventually, the game gets better exposure, and people love to engage more with the game when instructions are available in the native language. 

Technology & Science Sector

The technology and Science Sector has also adapted the Telugu translation services to help meet the diverse communication goals with the clients across the Telugu-speaking states of India. The technology firms have also adapted our translation services to ensure perfect communication with clients and consumers. 

Government Agencies or Organization

Overseas DTP is one of the best service providers in the field of translations for government firms as well. The government firms are also preferring to share important documents amongst each other by availing the Telugu translation services offered by our company. We have always offered quality along with the sense of confidentiality for government documents. 

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Overseas DTP has dedicated team of experts who are trained for handling different types of Telugu translation services. Our experts are from different backgrounds, that makes it easy for us to handle different types of translations without compromising on accuracy.

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