10 Social Media Groups to Find Translation Jobs Online

In our previous post, we listed 10 job portals where freelance translators and agencies could find work. This week, we are going to turn our attention to social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are more than tools of continuous distraction. They constitute the “newest technique for searching for jobs,” according to The Muse.

Sure, you might not be familiar with social media’s potential in your search for freelance translation jobs online but that’s OK.

Today is your chance to get updated and learn about the some groups and tags that will let you tap into the power of social media platforms to make searching for online translation jobs easier.

Here we have gathered 10 resources that will help you transform Facebook and Twitter from a distraction into a powerful tool in your kit for work hunt.

At the time of writing in May 2017, this group has more than 23.5K members. It is exclusively for translators, linguists, and foreign language students. To be admitted, you will have to open your profile to the moderator who lets you in only when you can be recognized as an eligible candidate. If you are a student, mention it in your Facebook profile.

This group is moderated by LangJobs.com, an Indian language services provider. It currently has 65K members. After joining the group, you can connect with fellow translators, interpreters, and recruiters from all across the world.

As the same suggests, this Twitter profile gets straight to the point. Each tweet contains a language pair and a link to the job application. It has posted more than 247K tweets. You can search the archives or follow to receive new openings in your Twitter feed.

Rendered into English as “I’m a translator,” This VK group boasts of more than 44,000 members. You can find multiple job openings at any time on their page. You don’t have to be a member to view the jobs, but we strongly recommend (if you speak Russian) becoming a part of the community.

Every industry has its unwritten rules which must be abided by anyone wanted to succeed in it. Freelance translation is not an exception. The problem is: How to figure out those rules without spending years? Well, TTNS can help where you can find rant and pearls of wisdom from experienced translators.

It’s not really an account, but a popular hashtag used by businesses to post translation jobs and by translators to spot them. According to one estimate, the tag has a react of nearly more than 400K and has garnered nearly a million impressions.

This Russian-language group on VK has been active since 2012, with a singular focus on translation from or for China. The group posts only three-four jobs a week–involving Mandarin a lot of the time–but work offers seem quality. In May 2017, almost 14,000 people were part of Online! Perevodchiki i rabota v Kitae.

Nearly all the groups we have touched on so far are open to all, not this one. Consisting of 751 members, Extraordinary Translation Jobs is geared towards middle to high-end online translation jobs. You will have to prove your credentials before you are allowed to apply for work. It’s a close-knit community where people know each other. Check out this group if you have some experience in the industry.

Not actually a group where you are paid for translation, but a melting pot where you can meet volunteer TED translators from across the world, strike up conversations, collaborate, and eventually get some recommendations that leads to well-paid work.

This is a Russian Translators’ Union of Japanese Translators. A comparatively small group, with only 2,000 members, but much profoundness. If you live in Russia or speak Russian and Japanese, you should definitely join this group. You will find plenty of help and some well-paid translation jobs.

A much longer list of Facebook groups for translators, interpreters, and language lovers it to be found here. You may want to check it out, or first start out with the recommendations in our list.

In either case, spend the next few days exploring these groups and share your experience with us. You may find it more interesting than registering on websites and filling forms. It is such a lonely activity.

We hope that you will appreciate the energy and enthusiasm to be found in groups. To join, all you need is an free account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or VK.

Excited? So we are. When you join, share your experiences. It will help others in the community. Which community worked for you? Which group was the most welcoming? We would love to hear from you. You can write to us at info@overseasdtp.com or in comments.

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