Voice Over Services

Voice-Over Services

The use of multimedia, be it AVs, powerpoint presentations or videos has become an important tool for professional/business meetings/interactions these days. This is because multimedia is the easiest way to grab the attention of your potential clients and expand your business. Thus, it has become crucial to convert audio to the target language, in order to reach wide/global audiences. At Overseas DTP, we offer voiceover services to take care of all your translation needs for multimedia projects.

Benefits Of Voice-Over Services At Overseas DTP

  • Accurate translation of original audio to as per the client’s requirement
  • Team of competent translators to ensure that the essence of the language is not lost in translation
  • The new audio created is dubbed professionally and is seamlessly integrated to the medium of your choice, for eg, PowerPoint presentation etc.
  • Timely delivery of projects as per pre-decided deadline.
  • An important way of connecting with a global audience
  • A good opportunity to expand business horizons
  • Makes your multimedia projects accessible, allowing you to tap into potential markets

How Does It Work?

Once you opt for our voice over services, this is how we take it forward:

  • First, the audio is translated by an industry-specific translator, professional native language translator if you opt for translation and voice over services.
  • Then, to ensure that the translation is well-nuanced, it is checked by a second translator.
  • Then the file is sent to professional voice over artist to record the audio script with accurate time coding to match the original script.
  • Finally, the new soundtrack is reviewed by a project manager, who integrates it into the multimedia project, ready to deliver to the client.

Why Overseas DTP?

  • All file types, ranging from ppt to mp3 formats supported
  • Dedicated team of translators and voiceover artists to ensure top-notch quality
  • Variety of languages offered into which the audio can be translated.
  • Cost-effective service providers
  • All documents are kept strictly confidential, if required by the client

Industries We Provide Voice-Over Services For

  • Travel and tourism
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Advertising
  • Financial

Voice Over Servies Cost / Pricing

Our Voice Over Services follows a strict process to ensure the quality of a Voice Over Audio.

Our pricing depends upon the Length of Audio and Language Pair. We always try to provide quality voice over services at an affordable cost.

We always prefer studio recording so that the audio quality will be crystal clear, but if the client doesn’t have the budget for studio recording we also provide home recordings.

Most of Voice-Over artists work at Radio channels, advertising agency, and dubbing firms which is why they relate with the content of the client.

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